Counseling for seniors for improved quality of life


Our Approach

Co-morbidity, meaning the coexistence of more than one illness or condition, is the rule rather than the exception among mentally or physically impaired older adults. For a younger person a single disease is likely to be the sole cause of disability. Cure the disease and you eliminate the disability. However, in late life the presence of co-morbidity, chronic conditions, and frailty requires an approach less focused on a cure and more focused on optimal functioning.

Our Services Model

To deliver the best care to our clients, and attain the best working relationship with our client facilities, the
Autumn Healthcare service model promotes:


Autumn Healthcare of Illinois

provides clinical programs that are marked by caring professionals, integrity and competence; participants can be assured of important standards:

  • Qualified professional staff
    • Licensed
    • Credentialed
    •  Trained
  • Clinical supervision
  •  Liability Insurance
  • Continuing education –

        We provide continuing education on both professional topics and practice guidelines as determined by state and federal regulations, and Medicare policy.