Counseling for seniors for improved quality of life



Individualized Programs

To insure appropriate care, we offer several programs depending on need

Traditional psychotherapy

Behavior Medicine Program-

Uses psychological procedures for treating physical disorders that have a psychological component in their origin, manifestation, or exacerbation (e.g., obesity, substance abuse, post-surgery anxiety)

Focuses on adherence to medical treatment, symptom management, promoting health and improved adjustment to illness vs. risk-taking behaviors

Behavior Management Program

Monitors target behaviors and develops problem-focused, environmental interventions to modify the problem behavior Offers an alternative to psychotropic medications.

Pain Management Program

Meets the challenge of complaints of chronic, severe pain. Helps clients with chronic pain develop effective coping strategies by adopting problem solving approaches, assessing subjective pain and the efficacy of interventions, and gaining control of environmental factors that intensify or reduce the pain experience. Documents changes in coping ability

Psychological Testing-

Used selectively in diagnostic procedures, Useful when important questions cannot be answered otherwise about the severity or type of the client’s disorder.

Senior Tai Chi program

Improves mential health, blance and increased
functional independence.

Other programs-

Groups to address grief and bereavement.
Nursing home relocation
Developed as needed